Old Friends

Old Alliescalvinhobbes_friendsRecently I had the opportunity to meet up with friends I haven’t seen in some time. One was a sidekick who I hadn’t seen in several months (and protects her daughters nearby Johnson City) and one was a crime fighting friend I hadn’t seen in many, many years (he takes care of the citizens in a city far away). We hadn’t seen each other since we were up and coming super heros at a children’s camp while we were in high school.

These two separate encounters got me thinking about what friendship truly is. I have never really had a lot of friends, and I like it that way. It is a lot less messy that way. But I also realize, I do like having friends. Someone other then your significant other in which to have conversations with. But getting together with these friends showed me that we don’t necessarily need people in our lives every minute of every day to have meaningful friendships.

When I met with the friend who I hadn’t seen in a long time, it was like we were never out of each others life. While we didn’t know the specifics of everything the other was up to, we were able to talk and laugh like we did when we were younger. To me that is what true friendship is: being able to pick up where you left off like it was only five minutes ago, even if it was almost 20 years ago that you last saw each other.

So, to all the people who I can call true friends, I say thank you. Thank you for being my friend, thank you for being my sidekick. Thank you for being you. And most importantly thank you for putting up with me, and thinking about me even if it has been a very long time. I know I think about you all the time.


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