It Takes a Village

With Great PowerAs I look at my 4 year old sleep as he builds up his strength to go on more adventures, I think back on what it takes to raise a super kid. I remember when “A” was going to be born reading everything under the sun on how to raise a child including the bible of parenting: “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” with my wife. I was a terrified dad-to-be that wasn’t sure what to do about anything.

A's First Day

A’s First Day

Then he came and I realized that no author or “expert” knew how to raise my kid. They didn’t spend night after night singing him songs and walking his floor with him to put him to sleep. The “experts” say, let him cry it out, your super-baby will learn to comfort himself. So that we did. We read him his stories of super heroes of the past then put him in his crib and sat outside his room as he screamed for more than an hour. We did this for a couple weeks. That is, until I said screw it. This is my child, my family. No “expert” knows my child better then me.

Happy Dad

Happy Dad

So, I went back to my son. I took him out of his crib, held him close, sang him his lullabies and put him silently into his crib. It was then that I realized that these “experts” do not know my family, do not know my son. I decided I will not do as the “experts” say, but as I think I should do for my family and my situation. And so it went, with eating new food, new experiences, and change.

So, I read my books, blogs, websites. But the difference is, I don’t do as they said. I do what works best for my family in our unique situation, and you should too. Only you will know what will work and you will learn as you go. I was scared to death of being a dad, of making a mistake. I make mistakes. You will too, but you will learn from them and be the best parent you can be.


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