Weekend Review June 16, 2014

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Since I recently wrote about the Fitbit Flex. I figured waiting to write about the Aria now would be more beneficial for you.

The Fitbit Aria Scale



We got the Fitbit Aria soon after we got the FItbit Flex to help us track more info. Our scale was old, not very accurate and we had to put our weight in manually whenever we weighed ourselves. Also, our old scale didn’t measure body fat percentage or body mass index (BMI). The Aria does all this easily.


The Aria comes in two different colors. You can get a black or a white one (we went with black). It is modern and sleek. I really like the way that it looks. It has rechargeable batteries which last a very long time. It is wifi ready and sets up just as easy as the Fitbit Flex. All this comes with a price though. $130.00 to be exact.



Like I said. Set up was very easy and it syncs with your account quickly. I did however have to redo my wife’s account to get it to sync properly when she weighed herself (it kept showing her as a guest). I just had to go into the dashboard on the computer and change the weights from guest to her name and from that point on there were no issues.

The Aria works like any other scale that tracks body fat or BMI. You step on it in your bare feet weight a few seconds and it shows you your weight and body fat percentage. It then works as it uploads automatically to your account via the built in wifi. You can then view graphs and charts to check your progress on your dashboard on your computer or smart phone app. The best thing about this is that the weights are password protected so you can show as much or as little info as you want to others who use the scale with you. For instance. I can check into my dashboard and see my weights and all the weights of any guest who weighs themselves on our scale. However, I cannot see my wife’s and she cannot see mine as we do not share the info with each other. Great for privacy. Bad for snooping on others progress (like I try to do–sorry wife).

And that’s it. After all it is a scale. Not much to it. Step on, weigh yourself, step off, check stats, cry to yourself.

Pros (+)

+ Quick Easy Setup
+ Really long battery life
+ Wifi transmitting of data to your Fitbit account
+ Tracks weight, body fat percentage and BMI
+ Password protected for privacy from other users.

Cons (-)

– Price ($130.00)
– Setting up two accounts took a little ingenuity
– The glass surface does get dirty very easy.


I find the Aria a little pricey for what it is. I would rather have a scale that did all the same measurements without the wifi connectivity and connections to your Fitbit account. I can take a little time to upload the info myself. I also don’t like the fact that it gets dirty so easily. If I had it to do over again, I probably would have saved some money on the Aria and gotten a cheaper scale and some new bands for the Fitbit Flex. I say skip the Aria unless the price drops a little bit.


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