Being Dad

With Great PowerWith Father’s Day being just the past weekend it got me thinking of what it means to be a dad. Having been raised by a single mother my entire life we never really celebrated Father’s Day, so I never really thought about what a dad was until I became one.

Happy Dad

Happy Dad

To me there is a difference between being a father and being a dad. A father is just someone who helped make a baby but had no real input on the child’s life. A dad doesn’t have to be the one who helped create you. He is someone who raises you, loves you, is there for the important moments of life. There are father’s who are still in a child’s life that I wouldn’t consider a dad as they don’t participate.

A dad is someone who comes to the hospital everyday and rocks you in a chair because you can’t yet come home. A dad is someone who plays all the silly games you want to play. A dad is someone who watches you get on the school bus for the first time and holds back the tears because he doesn’t remember when you got so big and smart. A dad worries about the day you realize that people can be cruel and hurtful and hopes that day is far down the road.

A tough start

A tough start

A dad gives you advice on what it means to be a man. A dad gives you advice whether you want it or not. A dad will give up his favorite things so that you can have yours. A dad will sit through plays and recitals and concerts because you work so hard. A dad will teach you to drive a stick (probably before you are old enough to do so legally). A dad will sit with you when your first girlfriend dumps you. A dad will embarrass you (a lot). A dad will give you a lot of advice. A dad is wrong (a lot). A dad is right (a lot). A dad will lose is temper (a lot). A dad will worry about everything he does (a lot). A dad will worry about everything you do (a lot). A dad will hurt your feelings (sometimes). A dad will always think of you as his baby no matter how old you get.

Most importantly a dad will love you no matter what you do (always).


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