Weekend Review June 23, 2014

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I have been concentrating on adult stuff for a while so after this, I hope to do some more reviews on some kid and family related review. But this one is all about a nice treat for the super parents since we do need to treat ourselves every once in a while.

Talenti Gelato



I bought a pint of this gelato for dessert for the anniversary dinner I made for my wife and I a couple weeks ago. Now, talenti has a ton of flavors of gelato and sorbet, but I went with a pint of the Sea Salt Caramel.


Gelato is basically ice cream made in the traditional Italian style (according to wikipidia). The three differences between the two are fat, air, and temperature. Ice cream is made with cream and has to have a certain amount of butterfat. Gelato on the other hand is made mostly with milk. Also the amount of air makes the texture of gelato a lot thicker and heavier. This means it takes longer to melt. Great on those hot summer days.

I found that the talenti Sea Salt Caramel Gelato was absolutely delicious. it was smooth and creamy with little chunks of “chocolate covered sea salt caramel truffles”. They don’t skimp on the amount they put in either as I got at least one with every amazing spoonful. The gelato is truly magnificent. The mix of the Fleur De Sel sea salt and the Argentine caramel is divine. While we could have eaten the pint in one sitting, we didn’t.

Ingredients from talenti.com

Ingredients from talenti.com

The thing I liked most though, I didn’t notice until I was looking at the empty container.There are only fourteen ingredients, all of which I can pronounce. Also great is that it is vegetarian, gluten free, HFCS free, hormone free, and kosher!

The only thing I can say negative about it is that costs about $4.50 per pint. A little pricey for me.

Pros (+)

+ Delicious
+ 14 ingredients that I can pronounce

Cons (-)

– Price (~$4.50)


The saying on the container is “better ingredients make happy spoons” and I would agree with that and add that it also makes for happy mouths too. I love this gelato and would buy it again in a heart beat. You should too.


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