Weekend Review June 30, 2014

Utility Belt

The LEGO (R) Moviethe-lego-movie-title-banner

We had our first movie night of the summer on Friday night and invited some friends and families over to have dinner and watch it outside on our movie screen (I will be doing a three part review on our set-up over the next few weeks). But first lets talk about the most important part. THE MOVIE!


I am a LEGO (R) nerd, so I had been waiting for this movie for a long time. The movie is the first LEGO (R) movie to be in theatres. Now, it is out for home viewing as well. The story follows our hero (Emmet) who is just an ordinary LEGO (R) citizen (living an ordinary LEGO (R) citizen life) but is mistaken for someone much more remarkable who is supposed to save the world from the evil Lord Business. He is recruited by a group of “Master Builders” and the antics that follow due to him being extraordinarily ill-prepared is hilarious for both kids and adults.

The movie is filled with lots of humor some inside LEGO (R) jokes and info, such as the parts numbers that are present on every LEGO (R) set when the characters build something amazing, or in Emmet’s case, not so amazing. I won’t ruin the story-line for you by going into too much detail.


The movie has a great story line, is fun, entertaining, and won’t be easily dated so it will be fun for years to come. So, do yourself and your family a favor and at least rent the movie, but I suggest that you dish out the extra money and add it to your collection of family movies.


4 thoughts on “Weekend Review June 30, 2014

  1. Everything is awesome
    Everything is cool when you’re part of a team
    Everything is awesome
    When we’re living our dream

    Omg I had that song stuck in my head forever! Cute movie

  2. my boy had seen this movie in the theater with his grandma, he loved it. I wanted to be able to connect with him when he spoke about it, and he did so quite often, so I bought the dvd for him. he was thrilled to share it with me, and vice versa.

    • We saw it in the theaters as a family and the boys love their LEGO so we had to get it on blu-ray when it came out for our first movie night. The whole family lives the movie.

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