A Child’s Imagination

Story Telling



I have noticed that “N” loves to tell stories. He always has some story to tell. The great part is, like every good story they have some basis in reality. He likes to start off his stories by saying “remember that time?”

I love his stories. It is great that at 4 years old he has such a great big imagination. It is amazing how much detail he puts into every story. All the details he puts in is truly spectacular to hear. You can ask him questions as he is going along and he can put in even greater details. He tells stories, about ninjas, coyotes that he heard at grandma’s house, spaceships, dragons, bears, or anything else he might of seen or heard of. One day, I will have to turn one of his stories into a book.

That is the great thing about children in general. Their imaginations are limitless. It is our responsibility as parents and adults to nourish it and help it grow. We should never squash that spark that burns deep inside their growing brains. We need to give it life and make sure that it grows into a raging forest fire that will never burn out. So, read to your children, talk to your children about stories, watch shows, play games that encourage imagination and help your child grow. It will help them to think critically when they are in the workforce and have original ideas so that they can be productive, loving, thoughtful adults. So be that spark that helps your child grow. Help them tell their Never Ending Story.

The Never Ending Story



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