The Joys of Home Ownership

Downed TreeLast Tuesday we had a storm come through with some pretty high winds. We have several very large trees that stand very close to our house and very close to our neighbors fence. The storm came through pretty quickly, but in that time it managed to take down a large portion of one of our trees. It was sitting on the power line (luckily it didn’t break it because of the way that it fell). It also straddled our neighbors fence. More importantly for you and me is it ripped the phone line off our house so we had no internet for computers or tv for a couple days.

treesSince then, I have been cleaning up the mess, getting quotes for taking down more of the trees and did I mention cleaning up the mess? I will continue to do this until all the branches, limbs, sticks, and brush are gone from our property.

So, wish me luck, I am going back to enjoy all that goes with owning your own home and replace my chainsaw chain, cut up some sticks, mow some lawn that has been neglected for a couple weeks, and remind myself that I love owning my own home.

Got Wood?

Got Wood?


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