The Destructicon

I have my very own Destructicon on my hands. It is amazing the destructive power of someone so small. His ability is unmatched by any machine. He can destroy things that one would think should not be possible. His destructive power became evident very early on when he would touch something that “A” had for years and within minutes it would be in pieces. He does not discriminate either. Matchbox cars…wheels missing. The sprinkler for the lawn…broken. Older brothers plant on the 5 minute drive home from school…bent and broken. The t.v…Wii remote flung against the screen (luckily only a chip in the bottom). And it goes on, and on, and on. There is nothing he cannot destroy.


Right now it really is annoying and I hate it because¬†“N” just breaks things without even trying (or is he trying). I believe that he is trying. I think that he (although he can’t articulate it) really is curious about the world around him and wants to figure out what makes something work. I cannot not wait for him to get to the stage where he knows that is what he is doing and wants to systematically take something apart to see how it works and then see if he can put it back together. I will gladly foster that ride. I will gladly let him take apart the old dvd player to take a look inside and see if he can put it back together. I will gladly let him help me try to figure out why the lawnmower won’t start. I will gladly follow him on his journey.

The destructive force

The destructive force

Until then, I will have to be Optimus Prime trying to keep Grimlock and the rest of the Dinobots from destroying the world they do not understand around them.


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