Weekend Review

To Infinity

Photo courtesy of D23.com

Photo courtesy of D23.com

Now that Disney is coming out with version 2.0 of the game featuring Marvel characters I though I would give a review of the original. It has been out for some time and “A” and “N” have been playing it with various degrees of success.


Disney launched it’s biggest game to date on all the major game consoles. The starter pack comes with the game, the Infinity Base where the characters enter the game, and 3 characters (Mr. Incredible, Jack Sparrow, and Sully) for around $75.00. You can then by additional characters separately for around $13.00 each. You can also buy power discs for around $4.00 each to give your characters additional powers, vehicles or weapons.

You put your character on the game base and they enter the game on your screen. The game has two portions. The Toy Box is where YOU get to use your imagination and create your own world for the characters to play in. It is all set up so that the player can use their imagination and just do what they want. This portion of the game is great for anyone. My 4 year old loves to do this with his older brother and I love to as well. It is great to make believe and not be told how you need to play a game. This is what has been missing from video games for years. My kids love to play in the Toy Box, and so do I.

The other part of the game is the Play Sets. This is where your characters go, to go on actual adventures. This is more of your typical video game where you have certain tasks you need to do to move forward. Each of these Play Sets take place in a Disney Movie setting. For instance Sully and Mike will play in the world of Monster’s University. However, you will not see Mater drive by. The characters are not allowed to enter the others Play Sets. If you want to use characters from different movies together, you can only do it in the Toy Box. To me, this is a big let down, as I think it would be fun to see Mr. Incredible captain a pirate ship a he takes on Davie Jones in the Pirates of the Caribbean Play Set. Each Play Set really is unique and draws from the style and setting of each movie. I love seeing what a new one will look like for the first time.

The toys themselves are well-made plastic figures, perfect for displaying or even playing with in (GASP) the real world! Each figure really captures the personality of the character. They simply are amazing to look at. To me the remind me of why I love everything Disney does. Something as simple as a toy statue used for a video game has such great detail. They do not do anything half-way.

Sully and Mike

Sully and Mike

The sad part to me as both a Disney fan and a video game fan is that there are no classic characters. No Goofy, Donald, or Pluto. There is Sorcerer Mickey, but that is it. They are definitely sticking to the ones that kids from my Little Super’s generation will be into.

Pros (+)

+ Never-ending game play in Toy Box mode
+ Starter set is not overly priced
+ Nicely made toy figures
+ Fun for many ages
+ Tons of variety in the different Play Sets

Cons (-)

– Cannot use characters from different movies in the same Play Set
– Additional Characters and Power-ups can get pricey
– Characters will not be compatible with Disney Infinity 2.0 (although the base will be)


With Disney Infinity, Disney does what Disney has always done great: tell a great story. However, here, they let the player help create that story and use their imagination to do so. They actually translate the childlike imagination into a great game at a good price. Disney has taken their vast universe and let the gamer become a part of it and also create it. Good job Disney, good job.