Our Trusty Sidekick


Our newest crime fighter

Our newest crime fighter

Meet Nina. We recently adopted her from a local shelter which I recommend everyone who is looking to get a new pet should do. There are way too many animals without home out there. She is just the latest addition to our little farm.  She is, however, our only Superdog. We have been going back and forth for a while on if now was the right time or not. “N” has been wanting a puppy for a long time. My wife slipped in front of him our conversation and next thing I know we are going to find a puppy.

We are extremely lucky. Nina is 17 weeks old and such a great dog.  She has had her accidents, but what puppy doesn’t.  She learns fast, doesn’t jump, and handles the love that my very active boys pile on her.  They needed her as much as she needed them.