Video Games

The TrainingWhen someone talks about video games and kids, it seems like everyone has opinions. I am not going to talk about the merits or perils of Grand Theft Auto or First Person Shooters. I grew up playing video games, at home (when it was first becoming popular with the Atari 2600), and in arcades (these were buildings people went to for the sole purpose of putting a quarter into a slot on the front of a giant machine to play a game). I am horrible at video games but I love video games. I love the escape from reality for a short period of time.

Playing Video GamesNow I have two little gamers that I can play games with. While there are games I will not let them play at this point in time, I do love playing with them, and they appear to enjoy playing with me. To me it isn’t about the game any more, it is more about the bonding and doing something we truly enjoy together. I know, I know. We should be outside playing and running. After all, it is summer. But this is something we can all do together and laugh and talk about. This is something we all share in common. Don’t get me wrong, we do play outside too. We do enjoy going to the pool at the school. However, if I can do something I grew up enjoying with my kids, I will.

I know that games are more realistic then when I was a kid. I know they are more violent then when I was a kid. As a parent it is my job to police what they have access to. They do not play the violent games so I am not worried about that. Besides, I do not believe violent video games make violent kids. I believe violent kids, and violent environments make violent kids. I am not concerned about them becoming obese children. I played videogames for hours on end as a kid but I also ran around my neighborhood plenty with my friends. I never got obese as a kid. My kids play plenty outside. My kids burn tons of energy during the day. I am not concerned.

I am just glad that I have something that my boys and I can enjoy and bond over together. Especially since they are both so different in there likes and dislikes. It is great to have one thing we all can do and enjoy together. So go out, find what you and your children like doing together and tell me about it. I would love to hear what you all love doing together.